Zanesville man turns theft case into decade of prison.

Ron Welch
Muskingum County Prosecutor


Monday, December 25, 2023

Zanesville man turns theft case into decade of prison

Timothee Singer, 31, of Zanesville appeared before Judge Mark Fleegle on December 22 while a jury waited to be seated in his trial. Singer pled guilty to theft, failure to comply, possession of fentanyl, trafficking in methamphetamine, and possession of bromazelam, a schedule I substance. His case proceeded directly to sentencing where Judge Fleegle handed down a penalty of ten (10) years in prison.

Judge Fleegle added the remainder of Singer’s post-release control time to that sentence, approximately a year and a half; time which arose from a previous car chase case from Washington County. In 2018, when Washington County sentenced Singer he was on post-release control from a three-year sentence for burglary out of Licking County.

Singer’s troubles this time began when he was shopping in Duncan Falls. He spotted an iPhone sitting on a cooler and snatched it up. It had been left there by a store employee who was doing inventory. The store had exceptional surveillance equipment which led detectives to seeing the theft, and identifying the thief face and the fact that he was carrying a small adidas purse.

Detective Brady Hittle of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office was able to track down the vehicle in which Singer arrived, and shortly later had set up surveillance on Singer’s residence in McConnelsville. At the same time, the Duncan Falls store had shared the theft video to Facebook, and Singer saw himself caught in the act. He called the store claiming he had accidentally picked up the phone and advising he would return it that day.

Lt. Joe Wilson with the Sheriff’s Office set up on South River Road while Det. Hittle observed Singer leaving his house, carrying the same purse, and followed him back north on Old River Road. Singer made Hittle’s tail in Philo and turned South on South River Road, only to find himself being pulled over by two deputies.

He took off, passing traffic and heading the wrong way through the construction zone. When he was fully blocked by traffic, Singer took off on foot up the hillside. Dep. Shawn Williamson and his K9 partner Crit tracked Singer some distance, finding discarded methamphetamine. Ultimately the track became too dangerous for both K9 and partner and it was called off.

Back in Singer’s car deputies located his purse, his hoodie, and other objects. In the purse was a hand blender, a hand press, and “cut,” meaning a powdery substance drug dealers use to mix with and multiply their drugs. In his hoodie was just under 15 grams of fentanyl. Also located during the search was bromazelam.

Just over a month later, while still a fugitive, Singer was involved in another traffic matter in Washington County where his 31 year-old passenger lost her life.

“Some men, you just can’t reach,” observed APA John Litle who handled the case along with APA John Dever. “In this case Muskingum County law enforcement promptly and successfully reached out and enveloped Mr. Singer in the attention he has earned and deserved.”

Charges have not yet been filed related to Singer’s traffic crash in Washington County, and he is presumed innocent in that matter until found guilty by a panel of Washington County jurors.

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Zanesville man turns theft case into decade of prison