Ron Welch Muskingum County Prosecutor
Ron Welch

Muskingum County Prosecutor

The Muskingum County Prosecutor's Office is committed to justice for all members of our community. We ensure justice and provide safety in our community by holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent, and preserving the dignity of victims and their families. Our office believes in holding criminals accountable for the harm that is done to a victim and for the harm that is done to our community as a whole. We also understand that each offender is to be viewed as an individual. Serious offenders are prosecuted with the goal of protecting our citizens, punishing the offender and sending a clear message that Muskingum County is not a place to commit crimes. For less serious offenders our office offers diversion programs and treatment options, as well as other rehabilitative services where appropriate. These services allow people to prove that they can change and be good, law abiding citizens that strengthen our community. As a defender of your freedoms the Muskingum County Prosecutor’s office is dedicated to working every day to make our community safer.

Further, our office promotes good, efficient government through effective representation of other county offices and efficient use of resources.

Finally, the Muskingum County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will always seek truth and justice, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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