A Zanesville man charged with committing assault and burglary admitted his guilt in court.

Ron Welch
Muskingum County Prosecutor


Thursday, June 27, 2024

Zanesville Man Pleads Guilty to Burglary, Assault Charges

A Zanesville man charged with committing assault and burglary admitted his guilt in court.

Alexander J. Fowler, age 34, of Zanesville, appeared before Common Pleas Judge Mark C. Fleegle on June 24, pleading guilty to one count of aggravated burglary and one count of felonious assault.

Fowler will be sentenced at a later date.

On the morning of February 10, law enforcement responded to a report of someone yelling for help.

Upon arrival, officers found the victim with a swollen black eye, red marks on her neck, and blood on her face. The victim informed them that Fowler had beaten her and kicked her in the face.

The previous night, Fowler and the victim had argued while leaving a local restaurant. The victim was taken home, and she told Fowler to leave, which he did. She suspected Fowler would return to her home that night, and she locked her doors.

The victim went to bed and was awakened by Fowler kicking her in the face and hitting her repeatedly. Fowler chased the victim through her house, cornering her as she took refuge in her closet. The victim attempted to flee, but Alexander caught her in the kitchen and held a knife to her throat.

It was later determined that Fowler had broken into the house before the attack.

Muskingum County Assistant Prosecutor John Litle says he thanks local law enforcement for their hard work.

“This is another case where Zanesville Police Officers did a great job responding to a victim in danger and putting together a great case, and we were able to bring a dangerous man to justice.”

Litle says the Prosecutor’s Office will ensure justice is served.

“Fowler faces 19 years in prison on this case and we’ll be aiming for a sentence near that number.”

Muskingum County Prosecuting Attorney Ron Welch says the prosecutor’s office will always work to make our community safe and obtain justice for victims.

“Our office will continue seeking long but justified sentences for cowardly defendants who beat women,” Prosecutor Welch said. “Domestic violence plagues communities by destabilizing families, putting children at risk, and eating away at the fabric of a decent society. We want victims to know there are people who care about them and are willing to stand up for them even when they fear standing up for themselves.”

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Zanesville Man Pleads Guilty to Burglary, Assault Charges